How to navigate extreme market conditions

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JULY 2022
Ancoria Insurance
How to navigate extreme market conditions

Economic crises do happen from time to time, often leading to recessions and depressions. In the present chaotic market environment, many people are prone to panic and may not act rationally. During this time, instead of engaging in fear-based changes, investors should be patient, ignore the noise, and continue with a disciplined investment strategy. Here are a few tips on how to navigate extreme market conditions.

Ancoria Insurance posts Annual Financial Results for 2021

Ancoria Insurance’s continued profitability and solid financial standing allow us to continue serving the investment and pension needs of thousands of local and international clients and at the same time serve the cause of our shareholder, the Sievert Larsson Scholarship Foundation, whose primary aim is to facilitate the education of promising students from disadvantaged backgrounds. 

Key highlights for the year 2021:

•    Continued profitability with Net Profit after Tax: SEK 32.19mln
•    Extended client base with more than 20,000 international clients
•    Policyholders' funds under management: SEK 2.92bln
•    Strong financial standing with Solvency II ratio: 215%

Market Commentary

The market has spent much of the second quarter worrying about inflation and what Central Banks’ terminal rates will be. As a result the relatively expensive and most “growthy” corners of the market have really felt the heat. 

Ancoria's Top Performing Funds
(as at 30/06/2022)
Fund Name YTD % (EUR) YTD % (SEK)
Money Market Fund USD8.1712.91
Money Market Fund EUR-0.593.75
Money Market Fund GBP-2.921.33
Money Market Fund SEK-4.67-0.49
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