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New Ancoria website launched

During the 1st Quarter of 2020, we announced the launch of our newly designed corporate website which is part of the ongoing evolution of the Ancoria Insurance brand. The new website with its enriched content, modern design and clear structure makes it easier for our visitors to navigate around, whether they are individuals looking to invest in our funds or businesses looking to set up pension plans for their employees.

Amongst the new content which was created, there is an entire educational section called Planning and Guidance that aims to help individuals improve their financial literacy and ultimately enable them to make informed decisions about their financial future. This new educational content is supported by a number of unique financial planning tools under section Investors toolkit that try to provide answers to questions such as "how much money should I be setting aside for retirement?" or "what is my investor profile" etc.

Under the new Individuals section visitors can find, in addition to the educational content, extensive information about the Ancoria Life Policy, our saving plan for individuals that provides access to a number of global and country specific investment funds. Furthermore, under the Businesses section both companies and employees can obtain information about the Ancoria Pension Plan, the leading occupational pension scheme in Cyprus, trusted by more than 150 companies and their employees, currently exceeding 3500 members.

Finally, under the Funds section visitors can find detailed information about all of our investment funds with their historical returns and analysis on underlying investments. The Blog section provides visitors with access to a range of insightful articles about financial planning and global markets.

As part of our ongoing efforts to utilise technology in order to provide upgraded services and optimal user experience for our visitors, our new website has been specifically designed to be compatible with any type of mobile device and therefore it is accessible from any tablet or smartphone.

We welcome any questions, suggestions, feedback or comments regarding our new website here.