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Fund performances

Trade currency
Base currency
Valuation dateCurrencyUnit price1 day (%)1 week (%)1 month (%)YTD (%)2020 (%)

Equity Funds

Ancoria Global Equity Fund EUR 21/09/2021EUR127.15-0.01-1.68-0.7212.03 1.99
Thailand21/09/2021EUR22.260.76-0.732.663.58 -19.88
Ancoria/Carnegie Asia21/09/2021EUR12.530.23-2.181.12-0.65 4.28
Ancoria/Carnegie Sweden21/09/2021EUR33.250.73-3.15-4.7514.52 8.91
Europe Fund21/09/2021EUR122.56-0.44-2.10-2.9012.96 -5.18
Ancoria Emerging Markets Equity Fund21/09/2021EUR16.52-0.06-2.630.630.38 9.48
High Dividend Sweden21/09/2021EUR36.52-0.17-2.51-3.0616.51 2.63
High Dividend Europe21/09/2021EUR20.850.96-2.22-3.2311.05 -5.97
USA21/09/2021EUR40.36-0.41-1.41-2.0020.01 7.26
India21/09/2021EUR28.010.810.736.1226.24 0.68
China21/09/2021EUR24.27-0.48-3.28-1.34-11.17 18.52
Japan21/09/2021EUR10.71-0.07-0.156.826.12 0.03
Ancoria Asia Consumer Fund21/09/2021EUR17.48-0.18-1.901.20-8.80 20.66
Ancoria/Carnegie Small Cap Fund21/09/2021EUR42.70-0.48-4.29-4.3816.02 22.57
Global Growth21/09/2021EUR19.52-0.30-1.090.8913.31 26.67
Ancoria/Carnegie Russia21/09/2021EUR6.400.04-1.583.6625.50 -10.43

Fixed Income Funds

Ancoria/Carnegie Corporate Bond 21/09/2021EUR13.580.33- 0.95
Ancoria Emerging Markets Debt Fund21/09/2021EUR13.12-0.320.01-0.691.84 -5.55

Money Market Funds

Money Market Fund SEK21/09/2021EUR9.630.31-0.021.15-0.89 3.67
Money Market Fund USD21/09/2021EUR89.00-0.150.67-0.434.58 -8.48
Money Market Fund GBP21/09/2021EUR115.98-0.39-0.55-0.144.81 -5.04
Money Market Fund EUR21/09/2021EUR97.81-0.01-0.02-0.06-0.31 -0.38

Asset Allocation Funds

Ancoria Conservative Fund EUR21/09/2021EUR99.270.03-0.41-0.481.27 -0.69
Ancoria Balanced Fund EUR21/09/2021EUR106.030.14-0.93-0.624.80 0.08
Ancoria Growth Fund EUR21/09/2021EUR117.73-0.09-1.36-0.697.31 -0.17
Savings Fund21/09/2021EUR18.340.14-1.31-0.815.67 4.87
Model Portfolio Aggressive21/09/2021EUR19.770.16-2.42-1.879.43 5.61
Model Portfolio Balanced21/09/2021EUR18.080.20-1.96-1.267.22 4.45
Ancoria/Carnegie Strategy21/09/2021EUR21.180.64-2.35-3.4610.84 9.28

Alternative Funds

Commodity21/09/2021EUR7.33-1.42-1.083.0528.08 -10.24
Real Estate21/09/2021EUR9.070.89-3.23-6.2026.90 -6.03

Structured Funds

Ancoria 5-Year SEK Autocall 5.25% Fund16/09/2021EUR10.18 0.590.493.99 0.13
Ancoria 5-Year SEK Autocall 5.75% Fund09/07/2021EUR10.33 -0.43-0.901.41 6.76
Ancoria 5-Year EUR Autocall 0.5% Plus 3.5% Fund16/09/2021EUR102.51 -0.06-0.408.82 -5.80
Ancoria 5-Year SEK Autocall 6.75% Fund16/12/2020EUR10.37 0.58-0.090.00 9.21
Ancoria 3.75% Plus 3.75% SEK Fund EUR       
Ancoria 5-Year SEK Autocall 6.25% Fund26/03/2021EUR12.22 -0.50-0.260.86 9.55

Pension Funds

Ancoria Local Banks Cash Pension Fund16/09/2021EUR100.37 -0.01-0.05-0.32 -0.37
Ancoria Cash Pension Fund 16/09/2021EUR97.08 -0.01-0.06-0.41 -0.52
Ancoria Conservative Pension Fund16/09/2021EUR109.06 -0.06-0.121.32 1.25
Ancoria Balanced Pension Fund16/09/2021EUR119.35 -0.37-0.255.71 0.97
Ancoria Growth Pension Fund16/09/2021EUR132.85 -0.61-0.408.68 1.44

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