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Information about a change in the publication of Unit Prices for Ancoria’s Funds - NO ACTION REQUIRED

Dear Customer,

We would like to inform you about a change in the way we publish the Unit Prices of our Funds.

Effective October 29th 2020, the Unit Price calculated and published in the afternoon of any business day i.e. “Day T” will be referred to as the Unit Price for “Day T-1” in order to reflect the close of markets date. This change is required because “Day T” currently reflects the date on which Ancoria calculates the Unit Price not the close of markets date.

By taking a simple example we can illustrate how this change will work in practice. A Unit Price of a fund that will be published on our website on Friday 30/10/2020, will continue to reflect the close of markets on 29/10/2020 (as it did before) but it will be specified as the Unit Price of 29/10/2020 (instead of 30/10/2020) to reflect the actual close of markets date, not the calculation date of the Unit Price by Ancoria.

This change does not affect the price on which your transactions are executed or the dealing deadline which remains the same for all Funds.

For any enquiries, please call us at 22 551 300 or email us at info@ancoria.com.

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