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Retirement Income Calculator

Saving for a comfortable retirement is probably the single biggest concern of our working years. Find out if you’re saving enough with our Retirement Income Calculator.

  • Your details
  • Your savings
  • Other income sources
  • Your preferences
How old are you?
Retirement Age
At what age are you planning to retire?
Annual Salary
What is your gross annual salary?
Retirement Savings
How much have you saved for retirement so far?
Employer's Pension Contribution
How much is your employer contributing towards your retirement, as a percentage of your salary?
% 5
Personal Pension Contribution
How much are you contributing towards your retirement, as a percentage of your salary?
% 5
State Pension
How many insurance points have you collected so far through your social insurance contributions?

You can find out the number of insurance points you have collected so far through the government’s Ariadni portal, otherwise you can leave this field empty and we will estimate your state pension based on a number of assumptions.

Insurance Points
Other Income
How much annual income from other sources do you expect to have during retirement?
Investment Style
What is the investment style you will apply to your retirement savings?
Retirement Lifestyle
What is the lifestyle you would like to have during your retirement?

Annual Retirement Income

Your retirement savings will not be adequate. Plan now before it’s too late!

Congratulations! Your retirement savings appear to be on target!

The total value of your retirement savings at your preferred age of retirement i.e. 65, is estimated to be €6,902.

This amount together with your annual state pension (which you will start receiving at the legal age of retirement i.e. 65) and any other additional income you may have indicated, sum up to a projected annual income during retirement of €6,902.

Based on the information you have entered, you should consider increasing your annual personal pension contribution from to 27 of your current salary in order to meet your desired annual income for retirement, which is estimated to be €6,902.

Based on the information you have entered, you should be on target to meet your desired annual income for retirement, estimated to be €6,902.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss your retirement planning strategy.

This retirement income calculator is designed to help you gain an understanding of your desired retirement income, based on answers to questions including your current age, salary and investment style and your estimated retirement age, income and desired lifestyle during retirement as well as . The results are provided in the form of a calculation of your projected retirement savings and income based on the details you have provided. The results are provided to you for illustrative purposes only and their accuracy is not guaranteed in any way; your actual retirement savings and income may differ significantly. Ancoria Insurance Public Ltd (“Ancoria”) makes no representations in respect of the accuracy, completeness or correctness of the results and does not accept any liability for any retirement planning strategy or investment strategy or transaction pursued on the basis of the results generated by this calculator. The results are not intended to be relied on for the purpose of making decisions concerning retirement planning. It is very important that you accurately assess your overall situation and needs with a financial advisor prior to making such decisions. This calculator and the information or material contained in it do not constitute an offer to sell Ancoria products. Furthermore, it is not intended to provide, and must not be perceived as providing, advice on behalf of Ancoria. Ancoria reserves the right to modify the calculator’s questions and results at any time without notice.

Retirement Income Calculator - Assumptions

Fixed Assumptions
Annual Salary Growth Rate 3%
Life Expectancy 83 years
Annuity Rate 2.5%

Annual growth rate for each Investment Style

Desired Annual Income as % of Final Salary (for each Retirement Lifestyle)
Much better90%
State pension default calculation (unless units entered)
Military Service 1 year
University Studies 3 years
Dependants at the age of 65 0
Past annual salary growth rate 3.5%
Future inflation rate 2%