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Structured Fund

Ancoria 4-Year SEK Autocall 5% Fund

Unit price


1 month

1 year

Valuation date



The Fund aims to pay an attractive conditional coupon as well as to offer an early redemption feature determined by the performance of the OMX Stockholm 30 Index. The Fund will invest in structured notes issued by SG Issuer, BNP Paribas Issuance B.V., Natixis Structured Issuance SA, Morgan Stanley B.V., J.P. Morgan Structured Products B.V.
It has a maturity of 4 years and provides conditional capital protection under the circumstances described in the Particular Fund Conditions. 

  • Has a neutral to slightly positive outlook for the performance of the OMX Stockholm 30 Index and does not expect a price drop of more than 35% after 4 years (at maturity). 
  • Aims for an attractive conditional coupon. 
  • Is looking for an investment linked with the Swedish equity market. 
  • Can accept a holding period of up to 4 years. 



Past performance is no guarantee of future performance. Performance data provided is based upon NAV net of management fees. Performance figures are presented in the currencies available for trading in the Fund and they have been converted where relevant, from the Fund's base currency. Investors should be aware of the impact of exchange rate fluctuations in the NAV of the Fund. Any additional charges that may apply from time to time are excluded from the calculation.


Key Facts


Structured Fund


4 years




OMX Stockholm 30 Index


SG Issuer; Natixis Structured Issuance SA; J.P. Morgan Structured Products B.V.; BNP Paribas Issuance B.V.; Morgan Stanley B.V.

Trade currency


Fund start date


Date called


Strike level


Strike date


Coupon barrier level


Capital protection


Capital protection barrier type


Capital protection barrier level


Initial unit price

100 SEK


5.00% per annum

Coupon frequency


Coupon type


Coupon observation dates

27/05/2019, 25/05/2020,
25/05/2021, 25/05/2022 

Coupon payment dates

18/06/2019, 15/06/2020,
15/06/2021, 15/06/2022 

Autocall observation dates

27/05/2019, 25/05/2020,

Autocall payment dates

18/06/2019, 15/06/2020,

Final observation date


Redemption date


Redemption at maturity
Maturity type



Société Générale; Natixis; JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.; BNP Paribas; Morgan Stanley

Final subscription date


Payment details
Payment reference

Your policy number and the fund name

Entry fee

0 %

Early surrender fee

0 %

Management fee

0 %

Performance fee

0 %


Last updated: : 29/05/2020

JPMorgan 4Y SEK Autocall BRC 5% on OMX


Natixis 4-Year SEK Autocall BRC 5% on OMX


BNP Paribas 4-Year SEK Autocall BRC 5% on OMX


Morgan Stanley BV 4-Year SEK Autocal BRC 5%l on OMX


SG 4Y SEK Autocall BRC 5% on OMX


Structured Products


Risk information

  • Policyholders whose base currency is different to the currency of the Fund will be subject to currency risk
  • Policyholders face the possibility of losing a significant portion of the principal amount invested if at maturity the OMX Stockholm 30 Index drops more than 35% from the Initial Level
  • Policyholders who need access to all or some of their initial investment before the termination of the Fund, may risk receiving less than their initial investment, subject to market conditions and exit fees
  • Should the Fund be redeemed early policyholders have no right to future Coupon payments
  • If an issuer and/or its Guarantor (if any) defaults or becomes insolvent, the initial investment and any future Coupon payments may be at risk and policyholders could lose some of their initial investment

The project was submitted under the Digital Transformation for Business Program and is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund and the Republic of Cyprus.