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Ancoria Life Policy


Annual fees

Life Policy 500 SEK

Management fees

Fund management 0 - 1.5% (see partifular Fund conditions)

Fund transfer fees

Online 100 SEK
Manual 150 SEK

Surrender fees

Online 200 SEK
Manual 250 SEK
Express 1% (Min. 500 SEK)
Standing order (one-off) 250 SEK

Other fees

Transaction confirmation by mail 30 SEK
Password replacement for Ancoria Online Service by mail 100 SEK
Annual statement/Statement/Transaction report by mail 100 SEK
Transaction report older than year 2006 500 SEK
Change of Policyholder 500 SEK
Annual administration fee for online equity trading
(does not include brokerage fees)
1% (Min. 2000 SEK)
Notice for unsettled fees 100 SEK
Forced sale of Funds 400 SEK
Policy cancellation 495 SEK