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Ancoria 4-Year SEK Autocall 5% Fund Autocalled

We are pleased to announce that the Ancoria 4-Year SEK Autocall 5% Fund ("the Fund”) was autocalled on the 25th of May 2020, two years after its start date. Although during this two year period we experienced the start of a major trade war between US and China and, lately, an unprecedented pandemic that rattled financial markets, the Fund provided an impressive 10% net return and at the same time protected the initial capital of its investors.

The Structured Fund, denominated in SEK, was autocalled as the OMX Stockholm 30 Index closed on the observation date at 1588.60, just above the initial strike level of 1586.98. On the 15th of June 2020, clients who invested in this Fund will receive their initial investment amount plus an additional cash amount equivalent to a net return of 10% i.e. the conditional coupon of 5% per annum for two years, as specified in the Fund conditions.

We will soon be launching a new Fund with similar features for clients who are interested to invest. For more information please call at +357 22 551 300 or send an email to info@ancoria.com.