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Ancoria Life Policy

You can pay your Ancoria Life Policy premiums directly through your bank via transfer or Bankgiro. There is no minimum investment amount or minimum number of payments, and you don’t need to pay at intervals. You can make regular payments over the course of your policy or increase the amount you pay in at any time, i.e. if more funds become available from an inheritance, an existing investment portfolio, or from a fixed-term deposit account.

Premiums can also be paid automatically by direct deposit. Simply set up a standing order with one of the banking institutions Ancoria cooperates with.

The easiest and fastest way is to start an autogiro via your Swedish internet bank. Go to the autogiro function and search for Ancoria. Choose your fund and enter the amount you want to save per month, as well as your policy number and confirm. You can also start an autogiro by filling in and signing the form Autogiro (available in Swedish only) and sending it to us.

Premiums will be invested on the next valuation date following their receipt, as long as payment is received before 12:00 Swedish time. Ancoria funds are valued on a daily basis, except structured funds, which are valued every Friday.

To choose the right life policy fund, you first need to understand your investor profile. In other words, you need to know your investment horizon (the total length of time you expect to stay invested) and your risk tolerance (the level of risk you are able and willing to assume). You can use our online Investor Profiler to figure this out, or you can speak directly to one of our experienced team members. We have also created a special category of funds i.e. the ready-made funds with different levels of risk to make your decision easier. Click here for more information.

Use Ancoria OnLine to view your portfolio, your transaction history and your investment performance. You can also generate statements as well as change your investment strategy, by switching between funds.

In addition, you may update your e-mail and telephone numbers and find the name and contact details of your assigned personal agent, if applicable.

  • You typed it wrongly or forgot your password.
  • You have confused lowercase and capital letters or left out the special character. Your password consists of 8 – 15 characters, at least 1 letter (a- ö), at least 1 number (0- 9) and at least 1 special character (-+ = ,.!?$% ^&*_@#/)
  • You have your old password saved on the computer.
  • You have accepted your computer or tablet to choose a password for you, which means that the password does not meet the criteria for Ancoria´s OnLline passwords.

If the problem persists, request a new password or contact us.

All customers with a balance above 50 000 SEK are assigned a personal agent. Your agent can help you with any queries you may have regarding your Life Policy or investments.

If applicable, the name and contact details of your personal agent are shown on Ancoria OnLine under the tab My Details > Account details.

Yes. You can change your investment strategy at any time by logging in to your online account.

Yes. There is no lock-up period. You can partially or fully liquidate your policy at any time and transfer your money to your bank account. You can also use a standing order to surrender money from your policy at regular intervals.

If you have already updated your personal data you can easily make a withdrawal through Ancoria OnLine, over the phone or a signed request. Click here for the form. The supporting documentation required for a withdrawal is noted on the form. Please Contact us if you are not sure whether your data is up to date.

If you have already updated your personal information you can request cancellation by filling out and signing a cancellation form. Contact us if you are unsure about if your data is up to date and regarding what is applicable for your Life Policy.

The Cancellation form can be found under Forms. The supporting documentation required for a cancellation is stated on the form. If you do not need the entire amount in one go you can easily set up a Standing Order (available in Swedish only).

As policyholders you need to keep your address and contact details up to date, since Ancoria does not have access to this information from any government authorities. Contact us for information on how to update your details.

The policy is subject to a repayment cover, which means that your capital is paid out to the beneficiaries that you have nominated. In Sweden, you can nominate a beneficiary outside your immediate family, without the need of a will.

Yes. You can change your beneficiaries at any time, but you must communicate your changes to us by using the appropriate form.

The only tax you pay on your Life Policy in Sweden is the annual yield tax. If you are a tax resident in a country other than Sweden, we recommend that you contact the local tax authorities to find out what applies for you. You may need to declare your Life Policy in your income tax return, if this is required by your local tax authorities.

As a regulated financial institution, Ancoria is required to comply with the requirements of the CRS. In this respect, information about policies is passed to the Cyprus tax authority who will in turn exchange this information with the jurisdiction the policyholder is currently tax resident.

The type of information to be reported includes the policy number/s, policyholder name, residence address, tax residence, date of birth, year-end policy value/s including details of any withdrawals during the reported year.

Deposits with Ancoria are not covered by the State deposit guarantee scheme, but Ancoria has to comply with strict rules regarding solvency ratios, in accordance with EU´s Insurance laws and regulations. Ancoria has one of the highest Solvency ratios in the EU, according to Solvency II, therefore our customers can feel secure that their investments are adequately protected with us. Ancoria is well capitalised and can cover all of the company’s commitments towards its policy holders at any given time.

Relevant registers are sent to the Superintendent of Insurance in Cyprus on a quarterly basis. The Superintendent will intervene if Ancoria needs to raise additional capital and its policy holders will be informed. Furthermore, policy holders have special priority in the unlikely event that a Cypriot insurance company goes bankrupt. This means that the company’s assets first and foremost go towards paying off the debt to the policy holders before any other creditors.

We operate under a robust legal and regulatory framework supervised by the Insurance Companies Control Service of the Cyprus Ministry of Finance. We maintain healthy capital ratios, consistently going over and far above Solvency II requirements.

Our life policy is governed by Class III of the Law on Insurance and Reinsurance Services and Other Related Issues 38(I)/2016: Life Insurance Linked to Investment Fund.

The project was submitted under the Digital Transformation for Business Program and is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund and the Republic of Cyprus.