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Ancoria Insurance
Ancoria Insurance
Start your monthly savings today!

Whether you are saving for your retirement, for a trip around the world or for your children and grandchildren, saving regularly is the key for achieving your future financial goals. Ancoria provides you with the tools to help you design an investment strategy based on your investor profile and your personal needs, increasing the chances of achieving your goals.

Saving monthly via direct debit is one of the best ways to build up your target amount; a small investment made early in life, can generate a larger amount than a larger investment made later in life. At the same time, you invest regularly, even when the markets are up or down. In this way, you reduce your overall risk by diversifying your investment across time for a smoother performance, regardless of which market you invest in.


Are you invested in the right strategy?
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Find out if the lump sum you’re counting on is going to be there when you need it.


Choose a fund you already save in or new funds based on your financial goals, your time horizon and your investor profile. Check out all the funds we offer in our fund overview.

Get started! Monthly savings via direct debit are now quick and easy to set up through your Swedish online banking! Go to the direct debit function in your online banking and search for "Ancoria", select a fund, enter the amount and your life policy number, approve and we will take care of the rest. Quick, easy and paperless!

Market Commentary

2020 continues to surprise. A pandemic, the shutdown of the global economy, the deepest recession since the 1930s, a global equity market collapse and now, multi-year highs for global equity markets. Despite the continued advance during the quarter, September has been a turbulent month for stocks, with declines in technology shares pulling down major indices. Even so, such stocks have enjoyed an extraordinary run-up this year, thanks to profits that have remained resilient during the coronavirus pandemic. Despite the ambulant liquidity and the unprecedented monetary and fiscal support by key governments and policymakers, how Covid-19 will develop during winter months, the upcoming US presidential elections in November, the trade conflict between US and China and the ongoing Brexit negotiations will continue to concern investors and keep volatility at elevated levels.  

Ancoria's Top Performing Funds
(as at 30/09/2020)
Fund Name YTD % (EUR) YTD % (SEK)
Global Growth12.3513.00
Ancoria Asia Consumer Fund11.2811.92
Index Linked Sweden6.827.44
Ancoria/Carnegie Small Cap Fund5.636.24
Ancoria/Carnegie Strategy0.170.75
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About Ancoria Insurance
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