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Saving & investing for every milestone

Smarter, safer financial planning solutions for over 30 years.

Not sure if financial security is in your reach? It is, and we can help you make it happen.

We’ve been helping people reach their life milestones successfully for over 30 years.

Safer, smarter investments. One-on-one financial planning.

Your future financial security is now.

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Making it happen.

We are the fastest growing insurance pension provider in Cyprus for a reason.



Set up and manage your portfolio easily. Access your investments 24/7 wherever there’s internet.



Plan for your financial goals the way you want to, with no minimum or fixed payments. Buy and sell funds with a click.



Safeguard your savings and investments with a globally diversified portfolio, backed by Ancoria’s strong financial standing and consistently high solvency ratio.



Monitor your fund prices and historical performance online. View your fund assets so you know exactly where your money is being invested at all times.

Easy access

Easy access

Monitor your portfolio, perform transactions, and generate statements in real time easily with Ancoria online.

1-on-1 guidance

1-on-1 guidance

Get one-on-one guidance from our investment specialists when you need it, or use our investors toolkit to crunch the numbers yourself.


85% of insurance group pension premiums in Cyprus are paid into Ancoria Pension Plan.

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Ancoria Pension Plan
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Most of our clients have been with us for over 20 years.

Need a reliable partner?

Ancoria Insurance
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Since 1987, our clients have received more than €2 billion from their life policies.

Financial growth in your reach.

Ancoria Life Policy
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Since 2016, we have welcomed over 150 new companies to the Ancoria Pension Plan.

Offer you employees a better retirement.

Ancoria Pension Plan
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Making it work.

Find the right investment for your life milestone.

Initial Investment
Monthly Investment
Growth Rate %
Investment Horizon
If you invest 10000 today and continue investing 300 each month with a growth rate of 6 % annually, after 30 years, your investment will be worth 351,212

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Total savings after years


Investment Growth


Your Contribution


The figures produced by this investment calculator are based on a number of assumptions and are only for illustrative purposes. Investment growth rates are not guaranteed. The value of your investment may go up or down and may be worth less than what was originally paid in.

Our Mission.

Looking forward means giving back.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility.

Like you, we believe that life is about more than just personal financial security. In fact, this is our founding mission.

All of Ancoria’s profits go to the Sievert Larsson Scholarship Foundation, a charity founded in 2007 to help children secure a better future through education.

Find out more about our Corporate Social Responsibility and why giving back is so important to us by exploring our philanthropic projects.

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